As the main professional association of tattoo, permanent make-up and piercing artists, the National Association aims to:

  • defining service standards through the promotion of professions
  • stimulation of practicing specialists (tattoo master) to constant professional growth, qualification level
  • promoting creativity and business growth
  • identifying the best professionals in this profession

Tattoo festivals organized and held by the Association help us to achieve these goals

How tattoo festivals are passed

Such contests are large-scale events that gather thousands of fans of tattoos, piercings and permanent tattoos from many countries. The main direction of tattoo festivals is to show:

  • body art competition
  • exchange of experience
  • new knowledges about professional intricacies for fans of tattoo art
  • promotion of this industry
  • selection of the best specialist in a certain class (tattoo style)

As a rule, competitions are held within 2-3 days. Candidates are registered in advance. A prerequisite for participation is the registration of the application and the provision of an expert jury portfolio.

Also, workshops are held during on tattoo festivals, where all guests of the event can learn something new about tattoo, permanent make-up or piercing

Such contests always attract a large number of specialists, fans of body art, those who are interested in everything related to body beautifying. We invite to the tattoo festivals eminent masters, models, musical groups, representatives of alternative professions - body art and mehendi. Also, as part of the tattoo festival is a demonstration and exhibition-sale of professional equipment, certified consumables.

According to the results of the competition, participants are given diplomas, certificates, and winners get valuable prizes.

How to get to the Tattoo Festival?

Follow the schedule of events organized with the support of the Association.
Apply for participation in advance or buy a ticket.
We will be happy to answer any questions. Write or call!
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