It was established on July 28, 2017. Now it unites members on the basis of the common interests, desire to realize the goals and tasks provided for in the Charter. The organization acts on the basis of voluntariness, self-government, free choice of territory of activity, equality before the law, lack of property interest of members, transparency, openness and publicity.
The story of creation:
Exercise and protection of rights and freedoms, satisfaction of public interests, in particular, those who are freshmen in this profession - tattoo artist, master of permanent make-up and piercer to be legalized; introduction of common labor standards and procedures for the provision of services, standards of training and professional development, certification of quality of services and consumables; social protection of masters.
Association membership

The association has individual, collective and honorary membership. Individual members of the Association can be all masters of tattoo, piercers or specialists of permanent makeup, as well as professionals who have a direct or indirect relation to the tattoo industry.

The collective members of the Association may be groups of enterprises, institutions, organizations, tattoo shops, which distribute the goals and objectives of the Association and participate in the activities of the Association. Collective members exercise their rights through representatives.

Acceptance of members of the Association is carried out by the decision of the Association or the governing bodies of the Association on the basis of an electronic application (questionnaire) before entering the website of the organization (individual member) or the decision of the labor collective (collective member) and after moderating the application form.
Anyone can apply (application form) for membership of the Association of Masters.


  • To be elected to the Council of the Tattoo Association
  • Actively participate in the policy-making of the Organization
  • Participate in events organized by the Association on preferential terms
  • To buy products recommended by the Association at a special price
  • To receive professional support in the conduct of activities, including through job counselling, participation in professional competitions and selection
  • To receive bonuses for active participation in the Association’s activities
  • To demonstrate their skills at the annual International Championship, which is planned to be held by the National Association of Tattoo Masters

Withdrawal of membership from the Association

Withdrawal from the Association may be made at the member’s own request or by decision of a group of members of the Association.
A group of members of the Association may decide to exclude from the Association:

  • If a member of the Association does not behave properly towards the Association and its members
  • if a member of the Association disseminates false information about the Association and its members
  • if a member of the Association speaks on behalf of the Association without being informed
  • if a member of the Association repeatedly or grossly violates the Charter

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