Rules in the tattoo salons


Rules in the tattoo salons

Rules in the tattoo salons
Professional tattoo can be seen as true art, and the tattoo artist can be defined as an artist. However, despite some freedom of creativity, every salon or specialized room must follow certain rules. They are aimed at protecting the rights of both master and customer, as well as providing a high service of providing services.

Common/unified rules of all tattoo salons have not been adopted at the legislative level, as there is no legal framework regulating their sphere of activity. However, there are normative documents aimed at the safe functioning of cosmetology cabinets, on the basis of which there is a report of the rules adopted by the National Association of masters of tattoos, permanent make-up and piercing.

The mentioned rules of the tattoo salons indicate that:

  • The working place of each master should be located on the area of at least 5 sq. m.
  • The coating of the surfaces should be made of materials resistant to the effects of professional cleaning liquids and disinfection, as thorough cleaning should be carried out after each client.
  • Only certified dyes and equipment should be used. The room should have a certain conclusion concerning expertise on materials and equipment. Needles used in the tattoo machine are subject to mandatory certification, and they must be disposable.
  • The master must work only in disposable gloves and they must be disposed of after the service is finished. It is mandatory to use personal protective equipment: short-term clothing, face masks, goggles. These things protect the specialist from interaction with organic material during the procedure.
  • All tools must be disinfected after each use. Disposable equipment should be disposed according to the requirements of the sanitary epidemiological organisation.

Tattoo salon rules also define the portrait of the client.

  • People who have reached the age of majority are allowed to get the services of masters. This must be confirmed by the relevant document.
  • If the potential client of the tattoo salon is under 18 years of age, the provision of services can be carried out only with the written consent of one of the parents or a substitute.
  • It is forbidden to provide services to the client in case of obvious signs of strong alcohol or drug intoxication. This is due to the fact that the work of a master is contrary to ethical norms.

It is allowed to refuse service to a person with obvious signs of skin inflammation, diseases. Tattoo is not made on dirty skin.
The Tattoo Salon Rules, developed for members of the National Association of Tattoo, Permanent Make-up and Piercing Masters, reserve the right of the Master to refuse to provide the customer with a service if he/she does not match the described portrait.
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