The control and supervision state bodies may inspect the tattoo salon or office in accordance with the legislation in force.

During the scheduled inspection it is ascertained:
  • health and epidemiological regulations
  • legislative norms of business activity
  • tax and labor laws, fire safety regulations
An unscheduled check for the tattoo salon is possible on the fact of registration of a citizen’s application for non-compliance by a legal entity with the sanitary epidemiological procedure and consumer rights. If the application contains evidence of measures involving risk to life, health, environmental damage, an unscheduled inspection may be ordered.
Any inspection shall be preceded by a requirement containing information on the type of inspection and the date. As with any business, for a tattoo salon or office, the check can be documentary or individual with visiting the place.

During the documentary verification the legality of the activity is checked by means of examination of company documents. The inspection takes place at the location of the supervisory authority. And the company must by the act submit the necessary documentation within the time specified by law.

The inspection examines not only the documentation of the salon, but also compliance with the requirements of personnel, territories and buildings, where activities are carried out, compliance with sanitary epidemiological standards, fire safety. The inspection shall be carried out at the place where the interior activity is actually carried out.

On the basis of the results of the documentary or on-site inspection, an act is drawn up and signed by representatives of the supervisory body performing the inspection, as well as by a legal entity.

In case of disagreement with the act or regulations, the owner of the salon can appeal the tattoo check, or rather its results in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation.

Even if your institution operates in compliance with all norms and requirements, it is quite difficult to pass the inspection of the supervisory body alone.

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