Tattoo Care

Tattooing is a significant step for many of us in expressing our personalities and showcasing our creative expression. Taking care of it becomes a priority that defines the quality and longevity of our masterpiece. Each tattoo requires proper care, and we will share practical advice on caring for a fresh tattoo to ensure quick healing and vibrant appearance.
It's important to know that after a tattoo session, the skin in the tattooed area is traumatized, and it should be safeguarded against various infections and bacteria.


Maintaining cleanliness is a key element in caring for a fresh tattoo, so meticulously follow the instructions provided by your tattoo artist regarding tattoo care. Wash your hands before touching the tattoo to avoid introducing bacteria. Use a specialized tattoo cream for cleansing and do it with gentle motions only.


Immediately after the tattooing is complete, the tattoo artist will cover it with a specialized medical or food-grade film to protect it from dirt and bacteria. Avoid removing it on your own; the artist will provide clear instructions. Generally, you can remove the film after a few hours, but the timing may vary depending on the tattoo style and application method.

After removing the artist-applied film, it's time for the initial tattoo care. First, with clean hands, gently remove the film from the tattoo. Then, cleanse the tattoo to wash away any excess ink and bodily fluids.

You can cleanse the tattoo with clean water or a specialized tattoo soap, but avoid using products containing alcohol. Note that some ink might appear to wash away with bodily fluids, but there's no need to worry; the ink remains in place.

After washing, you can gently pat the tattoo dry with a cotton pad, moving from the center of the tattoo towards the edges. Never rub it — leave the tattoo to air dry completely.

Subsequently, apply a specialized cream to the tattooed area or treat it with products like Bepanthen or Panthenol using gentle motions.

At the end of the tattooing process, cover the tattoo with a protective film to promote optimal and comfortable healing. With this film, you can shower without concern, wear your favorite clothes with ease, and ensure the tattoo heals efficiently. Repeat this procedure three times a day (morning, noon, and evening) for several days, changing the film each time.


During the tattoo healing process, a thin layer of skin may peel, but it's strictly prohibited to manually peel it off. It might also start to flake or itch, which is entirely normal. It's important to refrain from scratching or irritating the skin, as this could lead to scarring and affect the tattoo quality.


If you have any questions or notice signs of inflammation or infection, promptly consult your tattoo artist or a medical professional. Timely intervention can prevent serious complications.

Caring for a fresh tattoo is a vital aspect of creating an unforgettable, high-quality, and long-lasting masterpiece on your skin. Remember, every body is unique, so follow the individual advice provided by your tattoo artist. Approach your new tattoo with love and adhere to care instructions! This will undoubtedly help preserve its beauty throughout your life.